Thinking Of Quitting Smoking?

SMOKING-EFFECTSPeople actually do enjoy the act of smoking, harmful, foul tasting, terribly dangerous cigarettes. Cigarettes contain known cancer causing, heart damaging components. It is a proven fact that the majority of lung cancer incidents are the direct result of smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking did not become a fad until during and after World War II and there were very few incidents of lung cancer before that time.

Quitting smoking is so difficult because of the nicotine, as it is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. It is found in tobacco in minute quantities, and if it were to be in even the smallest of increased proportions, it would kill most people.

The routines that people develop while smoking also makes it difficult to give up the habit. Smoking after a meal, in social settings, at the sign of any kind of stress, or pressure, is also difficult to set aside, and these habits form a type of release.

When I quit, it was cold turkey and for about a three week period, I would have been better off if I had been committed somewhere, but it worked. It doesn’t for most people, as they use patches, nicotine gum, and e cigarettes. If a person can quit, the human body begins to heal and get rid of toxins, so the sooner one can quit, the better.